Audio Responsive Visuals Website

Hello I’m Nico,

I recently created a website ( presenting audio responsive visuals that I have been making. These visuals were created using Processing and openFrameworks. Some of the visuals respond to the amplitude of selected frequency bands from the incoming audio, while a couple of them move to the music with a synced count that is sent from the DAW software (in this case we are using Max for Live through Ableton Live). These responsive visuals are presented on my site as an organic particle system on HTML5 canvas.

They are displayed as moving circles that grow when you hover over them and open up to the video of the visual when you click. The music in each visual was created by Dillon Bastan (aka Integrate), the music was made with Ableton and Reaktor. These visuals are all live takes and are used for live performance.

My site:
Dillon's Site: