Modul8 Vj Workshop in Berlin

11, 12 and 13 December 19:30-21:30 hours
14 December 17-21 hours (from 21h open door session)

Grünberger Straße 48 (Friedrichshain, Berlin)

info & booking:

The seminar is an introduction of vjing with Modul8 software, a very flexible tool, used in domains as diverse as vjing, contemporary art, live performances, installations and theatre.
The focus will be on the role of a Vj, the tools that we use and how to proceed in a session.
We’ll talk about the beginning of vjing, loops creation, codecs, music synchronization, midi controllers, video cables…
The aim is that the assistants can defend themselves in a real environment. And to reach this objetive, the last hours of the workshop, we’ll organize and open door session, where students will make their own visual set and friends are very wellcome to watch it. A relaxing moment to share experiences with something to drink.

For this occasion, we have the collaboration of Modul8 and Reversehead. They’ll supply us with a full license of the Modul8 software that will run for one month without restrictions.