Mapping Festival 2012 videos online!

Some people may have seen some Mapping Festival 2011 videos on line few days ago. Documentation trailer have been diffused, an appetizer before blog every week a videos and interviews of Mapping 2011 artists.

Last week CENC collective video with their "Disorder" performance, between contemporary dance and computer-generated imagery, is starting to buzz online with more than 18'000 views in a week.

A Manuel Chantre interview with his tridimensional immersive installation "Memorsion" have just been on line:

Next videos is coming up soon: City Media Project, Camille Scherrer, Kit Webster, The Montesinos Foundation and Petter Viasselfebb, The Erasers, Iduun…

Check website Mapping Festival  and FaceBook sometime!

Mapping Festival 2012 Call for entries is still online until Friday December 2nd